Plates and Slants

The last couple weeks I’ve been busy managing my yeast supply.  I have six strains in my yeast bank:

  • Wyeast 3711 French Saison
  • Wyeast 1098 English Ale
  • Oberon (isolated from Bell’s Oberon)
  • Birra (isolated from Prairie Artisan’s Birra)
  • Fritz (isolated from Urban Chestnut’s Schnickelfritz)
  • White Labs 530 Abbey Ale

From time to time they need to be reslanted and otherwise kept in shape.  So I got out the pressure cooker and went to work making wort agar media.  I use a 2% agar with a diluted wort (usually in the range of 1.010, but this time I used 1.020 and did just fine) and a pinch of yeast nutrient just because.

I also make up some vials with a small volume (10 mL) of dilute (1.020) wort for starting slants with.

Since I had the pressure canner going I also took the opportunity to can some starter wort.

I didn’t have any DME on hand and the local bottle shop/home brew supply didn’t have any so I had to mash some 2 Row to get my wort.  Even after boiling I still ended up with some gunk in my agar plates, but most were clear enough.  I had a few condensation issues this time around too and one plate that didn’t get the memo about uninvited guests.

I streaked a couple plates with each of the six strains, let them incubate, and selected some healthy looking, isolated colonies to propagate new slants with.  I ended up having to restreak plates for the 3711 and Birra strains as they just seem harder to get good isolated colonies from than the other strains.

After inoculating new slants, incubating, and sealing them up I’m restocked with fresh yeast and ready to brew!

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