Tale of Two Saison

I had a jug of Pilner LME on hand from a recipe kit that I didn’t use and I’ve been tossing around ideas about what to do with it.  A few things culminated in helping me decide.  First I drew inspiration from this kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop.  It didn’t hurt that I had a couple more »

Build a Dual Stir Plate

What’s better than a single stir plate?  A dual stir plate!  As someone that likes to tinker I’ve built several versions of stir plates over the last several years.  As I’ve been experimenting and doing different things with yeast, I’ve found that at times a second stir plate would come in handy.  Instead of just building more »

AWS Gram Scale

An important part of equipment for any home brewer is a scale.  You need to weigh grains, hops, spices, water additives, etc.  If you are brewing small batches of beer it is often a necessity to have two scales: one to weigh larger amounts (such as for grains) and one to weigh more precise smaller more »

Brewing Small Batch Beer

While five gallon batches are still the traditional volume for home brewers and many people are brewing larger batches than that, brewing small batch beer has been becoming more popular.  For example just take a look at Brooklyn Brew Shops listing of one gallon kits.  They’re not the only ones though, both Midwest Supplies and Northern more »

Foreign Export Stout

For someone that excitedly proclaims stout to be their favorite style of beer, I sure don’t brew much of it.  In fact I can only remember brewing a couple stouts since I started brewing.  I even made it one of my goals to perfect a Russian Imperial Stout this year.  It’s now November and still no RIS more »