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Get excited about your barley!

Welcome to Redneck Home Brewing!  Nothing fancy here.  Just a guy in the Missouri Ozarks who loves to make beer.  I believe in keeping things simple.  If you can make Mac & Cheese then you can make good beer.  I started home brewing in 2011 with a Mr. Beer kit my wife got me for Christmas.  She’s probably still kicking herself for that because home brewing moved from interest, to hobby, to a “little bit” of an obsession.  I’ve become a fan of small batch brewing and currently make 2 gallon batches.  I brew from the comfort of my kitchen, ferment using Mr. Beer Little Brown Kegs, and bottle condition my beer.  I’ve also taken to growing some hops and culturing my own yeast.

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Rye Wit

This weekend I decided to attempt something I haven’t done in a while…a double brew day. This isn’t something I often do because if you don’t manage your time well things are going to get hectic. I don’t brew to have a hectic day. I brew to enjoy the process and make beer. That said I’ve found myself getting behind the ball on brewing and wanted to get caught up.  Just to make things harder on myself I also decided to brew two very different types of beer: Rye Wit and Honey Porter.  So here’s how things went… Continue reading

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