Cheap and Easy Fermentation Chamber

If you are trying to make better beer one thing that can help is being able to control your fermentation temps.  Some people are fortunate to have a temperature stable area (such as a basement) to store their beer while it ferments.  I am not one of those people and, if you’re like me, you may be looking for a good option for this problem.  One option is to accept our limitations by brewing styles that do well with the ambient temperatures of our house or brew shed.  Another option is to make a fermentation chamber. Continue reading

Canning Starter Wort

While I really enjoy capturing, harvesting, and culturing yeast, I find making yeast starters annoying.  It’s unfortunate since the more I do with yeast, the more starters I end up making.  I recently saw an ad for Northern Brewer’s Fast Pitch which seemed the perfect answer to my problem until I saw the cost.  Surely there was a cheaper way.
Continue reading

Rye Wit

This weekend I decided to attempt something I haven’t done in a while…a double brew day. This isn’t something I often do because if you don’t manage your time well things are going to get hectic. I don’t brew to have a hectic day. I brew to enjoy the process and make beer. That said I’ve found myself getting behind the ball on brewing and wanted to get caught up.  Just to make things harder on myself I also decided to brew two very different types of beer: Rye Wit and Honey Porter.  So here’s how things went… Continue reading

Just Peachy


My wife, God love her, is not a fan of beer.  Wine, cider, and mead are really more her speed.  On a recent trip to California she tasted and really liked a peach mead.  I cannot remember who made it or what the name of it was, but that is not the point.  The point is she REALLY liked it.  So being the good husband I am, I set about to use my brewing abilities to make her a peach mead. Continue reading