redneck home brewing barley malt

Get excited about your barley!

I’m just a fella living in the Missouri Ozarks that loves making beer.  I like to keep things simple (if you can make Mac & Cheese, you can make beer) and I like to make use of what I have around me.  I started in 2011 with a Mr Beer kit my wife gifted me with for Christmas.  She’s probably still kicking herself for that.  Brewing moved from interest, to hobby, to a “little bit” of an obsession.  I’ve become a practitioner of and proponent for small batch brewing.  I currently boil 2 gallon batches on my stove, ferment in Mr. Beer Little Brown Kegs, and bottle condition my beer.  I also grow some hops and culture some yeast.  Along the way I’ve tried a lot of techniques and ingredients, but I still have a lot to learn so I hope you join me as I blog about my journey.

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Just Peachy or My First Attempt at Mead


My wife, God love her, is not a fan of beer.  Wine, cider, and mead are really more her speed.  On a recent trip to California she tasted and really liked a peach mead.  I cannot remember who made it or what the name of it was, but that is not the point.  The point is she REALLY liked it.  So being the good husband I am, I set about to use my brewing abilities to make her a peach mead. Continue reading

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